1. Breathing
    Lise Jonsson, Brannan Lane

  2. Array of Light
    v e n n, Brannan Lane

  3. Bamboo Garden (single)

  4. Maavesi (single)
    v e n n, Brannan Lane

  5. Inside the Troposphere
    Marco Uson, Brannan Lane

  6. Sleep Cycle (album)

  7. Floating (single)
    Lise Jonsson, Brannan Lane

  8. Float Sleep Dream (album)

  9. Just Breathe

  10. Music to Which One Levitates
    Brannan Lane, Seeking the Sublime

  11. Bamboo Garden (Reworks) 3 songs
    Brannan Lane, Marco Uson & v e n n

  12. Alone, in Thought (Tranquility Edit)
    v e n n, Sound Therapist, Brannan Lane

  13. Melancholy (single)

  14. The Rising (single)
    Brannan Lane, John Gregorius, Sean O'Bryan Smith

  15. Space, Pt. 1 (single)

  16. Melted Minutes
    v e n n, Brannan Lane

  17. Nature (single)
    Brannan Lane, Suseti

  18. Array Of Light
    v e n n & Brannan Lane

  19. Ambient DUETS In Space (album)
    Brannan Lane, Ashera, Amir Baghiri, Robert Carty, Tom Larson, Vidna Obmana, Zero Ohms

  20. Good Morning Sunrise (single)
    Brannan Lane, Sleepsleeprepeat

  21. UFO (single)
    Brannan Lane, Suseti

  22. Ambient Float Tank (single)

  23. Piano For Dreamers 2 (single)

  24. Piano for Dreamers (single)

  25. Ambient Singles, Vol. 1 (album)

  26. Ambient Water Sleeps (single)

  27. Ambient Floating Space (single)

  28. Immense Distance (album)
    Zero Ohms, Brannan Lane

  29. Soundfall to the Infinite (album)
    Zero Ohms, Brannan Lane

  30. Sextant (album)
    Brannan Lane, Ashera

  31. Athwart NEBULA (single)

  32. Ambient Float Tank 2 (single)

  33. Soundscapes Sampler, Vol. 2 (album)

  34. TO A RELAXING SPACE (single)

  35. Hypnotic Drift (album)

  36. Lost Caverns of Thera (album)

  37. Deep Unknown (album)
    Brannan Lane, Vidna Obmana

  38. Tribal Spirit (album)
    Brannan Lane, Tom Larson

  39. Dream Swirl (album)
    Robert Carty, Brannan Lane

  40. Climatic Infusion (album)

  41. Waiting For The Wicked (single)

  42. Music for Space (single)

  43. Cryosleep (single)

  44. Distant Friends (A Compilation of Collaborations)
    Vidna Obmana, Amir Baghiri, Zero Ohms, Robert Carty

  45. Troposphere (album)

  46. Escape Velocity (album)

  47. Lucid Circles (album)

  48. To Earth and Back (album)

  49. Chill Space Groove (single)

  50. Ambient Space Dreams (single)

  51. Ambient Sleep Pod (single)

  52. Peaceful Yoga Morning 2 (single)

  53. Space Drone (single)

  54. Stay Asleep in Space (single)

  55. Rest in Peace (single)

  56. Desert Sunrise (single)

  57. Dark Ambient Spaces (single)

  58. Two Halves Of The Same Side (album)
    Lane Formschlag, Brannan Lane

  59. Moving Through (single)
    Matt Borghi, Brannan Lane, Jason Sloan

  60. Relaxing Effect of Water (single)

  61. Sleepwalk - (Somnambula) (album)

  62. Submerge (album)

  63. Piano Dreams & Nightscapes (album)

  64. Soundscapes Sampler, Vol. 1 (feat. Vidna Obmana, Zero Ohms, Robert Carty, Ashera & Tom Larson)

  65. Peaceful Yoga Morning (single)

  66. Sleeping Pill (single)

  67. Answer The Sky (album)

  68. Emerald Voice (single)

  69. Kick the Berlin Sun (single)

  70. Electronic Dance Music (EP)

  71. Caribbean Dream (WORLD MUSIC) (album)

  72. Caribbean Dream II, Dreaming Again (WORLD MUSIC) (album)


BRANNAN LANE ambient-music Texas

Brannan Lane is an award-winning composer and producer who has released 26 albums in the Ambient, World, and New Age music genres. His work can be heard on Dateline NBC, Spike TV, Univision, Outdoor Channel, and Sony Play Station. Brannan's warm sonic textures emit a relaxing energy that pushes its way into your senses, bringing you into a celestial dream-filled coma. ... more

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